Monday, April 22, 2013

Paper Bag Party Ride!

Sunday 28th April. Register at the Svoboda Parking Lot @ 1:30 PM. Start time 2:00 PM. $5 gets you a BBQ and bevvie on the Troup Beach, a great location with good PM sun and that unique view down the West Arm to Nelson. The fire will be blazing, and we'll have a covered area if it's raining. If you want more than one beer, please have your pockets loaded with toonies.

This event is for NCC members and there will be a station at Svoboda for folks to sign up if they haven't already. (Only $25 per person for the season; $15 if you're a teen).

The NCC trail crew is headed to the Bag this week, so expect a good clean trail with maybe some new stuff thrown in.

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