Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Riding: Road

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A Kootenay Rockie Guide Road Tours Map is available here.

Nelson to Kaslo

60 km. one way along Highway 3A

You can go as far as you want along this stretch of scenic roadway running along beside the north shore of Kootenay Lake. The road is rolling with hills that take you from lake level to beautiful scenic views of Kootenay Valley as you get closer to Kaslo. If you make it as far as Kaslo, stop at the Crooked Café for coffee and great pizza.

For a shorter ride, the following are turn around points along the route:


30 km. one way

Stop at Lang’s Marina for an ice cream or lunch at the Balfour Beach Inn—a little grotty inside but a great deck outside and the burgers are pretty darn good.


30 km. one way

Take the Harrop-Proctor Ferry to the east side of the lake. After leaving the ferry, cross the train tracks and take a left hand turn at the t-junction of ???? Road. The road rolls past old orchards and farmland with views of Kootenay Lake. Stop at the School House Café and Bakery for a cinnamon bun before you return to Nelson.

Kokanee Creek Provincial Park

20 km. one way

A beautiful park where you can swim and suntan or just take a walk through the forest. Stop at North Shore Naturals for wholesome snacks or the Burger Shack for ice cream on your way back to Nelson.

Krestova Loop

65 km. round trip

From downtown Baker Street, head south down through the 4-way stop, turn left on Railway Ave then right on Government Road. Cut across Highway 3A and head up Granite Road. Gradually climb the beautiful country road until you come to Blewett Road. Take a left and wind along Blewett Road passing farms, forest and lots of side roads. But don’t get distracted! Keep on “keepin’ on” descending some exciting hairpin corners until your riding alongside the Kootenay River. Cross over the Kootenay Canal and the road will eventually take you up to Highway 3A. Turn left on the highway and continue down to the Slocan Valley Junction. At the Slocan Junction, turn right and head up the Slocan Valley to Crescent Valley. If you want to turn at that point—25 km—stop at the Frog Café for a panini and cappuccino. If you want to carry on, take the first left, cross the Slocan River and then immediately turn left up the Pass Creek Road. The road winds through a narrow valley passing farmland and babbling Goose Creek. Ride to Krestova Road where you turn right and head up a steep but short hill to the top of the Krestova Plateau. Follow Krestova Road back down to Pass Creek Road and follow your steps back to Nelson.

Nelson to Ymir

30 km. one way on Highway 6

Go south from Nelson. Climb to the Whitewater Road turnoff then ride a gradual descent into Ymir. Go in the zone for this ride because there are many long straight stretches. Stop for a Snickers Bar at the Ymir Store.

Bombi Pass Ride

130 km. loop Highways 3A , 3 and 6

Granite to Blewett Rd. See Krestova Loop

Instead of turning off Pass Creek Road onto Krestova Rd. continue on Pass Creek Road to Castlegar. Turn left to Brilliant, continue past Brilliant to Highway 3A. Take the underpass towards the airport and continue on Highway 3 up to the Bombi Summit, a 16 km. gradual but unrelenting climb. Get ready for a steep and fast downhill into Beaver Valley. Signs will take you through Salmo and Ymir back home to Nelson.

Around the Glacier

215 km. loop Highway 3A to Highway 31A to Highway 6 to Highway 3A

Head north to Kaslo on Highway 3A then west to New Denver on Highway 31A. Highway 31A is a remote narrow highway that follows creeks bordered by slate cliffs through a mountain pass past small lakes. There are spectacular mountain vistas that culminate in a breathtaking view of the New Denver Glacier. There is a fun descent into New Denver. Stop at the Apple Tree Café for expresso before heading south along Highway 6 down alongside the Slocan Lake. This journey can easily be done over a two day period. If you choose to stay one night on the road, stay at the William Hunter Cabins in the pretty little village of Silverton, a mellow ride just south of New Denver. New Denver and Silverton are classic mountain villages and are worth investigating. There are funky cafes, museums, curios and best of all a beautiful lake for water sports, just as a sideline.

Leaving Silverton there is a steep climb that takes you well above the lake. Stope at the view point for a spectacular view of Slocan Lake. From here the ride is typical Kootenay country: hilly and windy through beautiful coniferous forest. Descend into Slocan City then continue along the Slocan River past Crescent Valley at its head. At the junction of Highway 3A and Highway 6, turn left and head back to Nelson.

For more details and punishment check in with Gerick Cycle in Nelson (250-354-4622)