Saturday, January 21, 2012

JANUARY BOARD MEETING - January 25th. 5PM. Chamber of Commerce

The cycling club is holding its monthly meeting this coming Wednesday, January 25th at 5 PM. in the Chamber of Commerce District Office.  The following is a brief agenda of items we'll be discussing.  If you're interested in attending, would like to get more involved or discuss your ideas around these topics, please come on out.

Grants and Funding Available

A general discussion on what grants are available and what we'd like the money bike park expansion, trail network improvements, signage…….


Urban Systems Foundation (USF)

Jan Korinek will update us on funding received from USF for bike park improvements.


Trail Stewardship

An update on what's going on in the Giveout Creek Polygon. 

Trail maintenance priorities and vollie program.  


2012 Work Plan

What projects will be undertaken this year.

What holes do we need to fill in to manifest the work plan? 

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