Monday, September 19, 2011


The Nelson Cycling Club would like to thank all the mountain bikers in Nelson and area that support the club by becoming members. Fees provided from members are vital support for the core of mountain biking in our community and without a membership; Nelson would not have the infrastructure it does today. Originally built by passionate renegades—and this continues today—many of the trails are now maintained by the club.   Over recent years, membership fees, grant money and the generosity of club members has supported trail construction and the development of a bike park in Rosemont. 


Currently, at 200, club membership represents only a guesstimated 30 percent of the riding population. A membership of 200 is impressive but a club of 500+ members would speak even louder and stronger. In essence, more members means more money means more trail maintenance and development.

So why do riders not become cycling club members?  Is it because being part of an organization is too restrictive? Is the word "club" just too geeky? Or is too "gangsta"?  Is it because they believe there should be no cost associated with crown land activities? Is a bike a statement of freedom so why should we pay to ride? After all, we don't have to pay to ride on city streets. Is $25 too expensive, or have they just forgotten to join?

For riders who have forgotten to get their membership this year or wonder what a membership goes towards, weigh up the following:

·       In 2005, the NCC was responsible for bringing Mountain Station back from the dead spending $5,000 on signage and trail maintenance. They also pay annual insurance premiums to maintain rider access to Mountain Station, located on private land. 

·       The NCC spent $2,000 constructing Eli Sim and has spent countless hours of volunteer labour on that trail.

·       For the last five years, the NCC has spent a minimum of $6,000 annually on trail maintenance

·       The NCC negotiated recreation agreements with the provincial government, raised grant funding to match club funds, spending over $10,000 on the layout and construction of the Smallwood Trail Network

·       NCC members lobbied, wrote grant funding proposals and raised over $6,000 for the construction of the Rosemont BikePark. Again, club volunteers spent innumerable hours volunteering their time at the park.

·       This summer NCC paid the "Tuesdays work crew" to clean out Paper Bag; second time round, two NCC members voluntarily cleared 100 trees off the trail. The crew and club volunteers spent three days cleaning off The Vein.

·       In 2011, the club raised grant money to make improvements on the Morning Mountain trail infrastructure used for the Fat Tire Festival.


Just think how much more could be done if the membership doubled. So if you haven't renewed your membership from 2010 - it's never too late. Your membership will go towards better mountain bike opportunities in our area. Memberships are available at the bike stores and online* by credit card at  Annual memberships are valid from April 1st of each year.


*If signing up online don't forget to check the box indicating that you have read the waiver.


Pat Wray

NCC Club Den Mother

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