Friday, July 1, 2011

Trails: Maintenance Updates

Trail maintenance Volunteer Day Update
14 or so people got involved on Sunday's Trail Maintenance Party on lower Eli Sim. The blown out corner and the sketchy rooty move by the little creek have been replaced by a half sack of new berms and a fresh carpet of dirt. This season has seen a facelift on Eli from the new logging road right down to the tracks, and it's riding really good, FYI.. 
Thanks to all the volunteers who just made Nelson riding even better.
This just in from the NCC trail crew.
VEIN RECLAIMED! After multiple days of work, the trail crew and a handful of volunteers have got The Vein flowing again. If you've got the legs, you gotta go. Upper xc / climbing sections are bucked out and improved, and the DH finish has been cleared of slash and has some new reroutes in the logging zone.

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